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the film


Ten episodes spanning over 50 years

Each episode will explore music from one or more of the Gold/Platinum records and Album Cover Art displayed on the walls at Hyde Street Studios along with conversations with current producers working in each studio, introducing the audience to new music being recorded, mixed or mastered.


Other segments will include veteran and new artists passing through the Bay Area to talk about musical influences and the Bay Area Music Scene.


Additional segments will include community efforts in the Tenderloin neighborhood which include The Her Museum, The Tenderloin Museum and events at the Tenderloin’s 36 venues/stages and more than 30,000 seats ready for performances and their audiences.


Finally "When The Sound Hits The Walls" will follow various Hyde Street Studios’ producers into the future with 3D Virtual Experiences, Augmented Reality and 3D Audio Recording.

The facts


Wally Heider Recording


Hyde Street Studios

1969 to Present

Founded in 1969 by Wally Heider, Hyde Street Studios is a hidden gem of the recording industry and a veritable hit factory with a list of legendary songs a mile long. 


The studio is nestled in the middle of San Francisco’s Tenderloin district; a part of the city which unfortunately is more known for drugs and crime. 


Despite a rich history already spanning half a century, Hyde Street Studios is not a museum. Artists still come from far and wide to capture the magic still permeating within the walls. 

The mission


“Cause we got power to communicate, yea. No they can’t, no they can’t, no they can’t take away our music, Lord.”

Eric Burdon and War, They Can’t Take Away our Music, 1970

To honor the legacy of Wally Heider Recording and Hyde Street Studios and the vast musical resume created by the artists and producers and engineers who have walked, breathed and created iconic music which has colored San Francisco's and the world's musical culture.

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